Consejo Minero’s technical work is mainly undertaken by its committees, subcommittees and working groups, focusing its efforts on areas that are currently considered a priority: Human Capital, Environment and Water, Energy and Decarbonization, Tailings Deposits, Social Environment and Communications, Fiscal Contribution and Lawyers / Constitutional.

From the point of view of competitiveness and sustainability, each committee conducts a deep and systematic analysis of the topics of their concern from an economic, environmental, regulatory, technical and social perspective; identifies opportunities and future challenges; suggests and develops work plans; and shares the industry good practices while safeguarding the principles of free competition. Each committee is integrated by professionals from the different member companies, specialized in strategic topics, and by Consejo Minero’s team.

Human Capital

Fernando Hernández, Collahuasi

Vice president
Meike Holzhauer, BHP

Environment and Water

Claudio Nilo, Anglo American

Vice president
Milton Rosales, Teck

Energy and Decarbonization

Verónica Cortez, Collahuasi

Vice president
Francisco Danitz, Codelco

Tailings Deposits

Claudio Reygadas, BHP

René Orellana, Codelco

Social Environment and Communications

René Aguilar, Antofagasta Minerals

Vice president
Andrea Lobos, Glencore

Lawyers / Constitutional Working Group

Alejandro Canut de Bon, Lumina Copper

Vice president
Verónica Simonet, Freeport McMoran

Fiscal Contribution Working Group

Carolina Musalem, Teck

Vice presidents
Osvaldo Villagra, BHP
Carla Maldonado, Anglo American