Principles on Climate Change


Recognize that climate change is a global challenge that must be understood and addressed by all society agents -the mining industry among them- as part of the industrial processes responsible of the emission of greenhouse gases.


Support the adoption and fulfillment of global mitigation commitments that prevent increases in the planet’s temperature above the levels recommended by scientific consensus, such as that of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


Support the implementation in Chile of cost-effective measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that do not discriminate a priori between sectors or between segments within the same sector.


In particular, support the use of market-based instruments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and those that foster innovation.


Promote the use of renewable resources and other low emission technologies for electricity generation, without neglecting the objectives of economic, safe and continuous supply.


Deepen the efficient use of energy and low-emission energy sources in mining processes, sharing the progress and innovations implemented.


Highlight the contribution that mining makes to the transition towards a low carbon economy, through the production of metals that allow electricity to be generated, transmitted, stored and used more efficiently.


Incorporate the need to adapt to climate change in the design and operation of mining operations.


Support climate change adaptation measures in the communities surrounding mining operations, within the framework of relationship processes and shared value creation.


Actively participate in the different public and private initiatives that promote the search for measures for mitigation, adaptation and capacity building in matters of climate change, consistent with the principles stated above.