Recognize that climate change is a global challenge that must be understood and addressed by all society agents -the mining industry among them- as part of the industrial processes responsible of the emission of greenhouse gases.


Advocate the implementation of a binding global agreement on climate change; in particular, the ratification of the Paris Agreement subscribed in 2015.


Advocate the adoption of cost-effective measures intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, free of any a priori discrimination between areas or segments within the same sector while considering the impact these measures can have on vulnerable sections of the population.


Specifically, endorse the use of market-based instruments designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as innovation-fostering instruments.


Continue to promote the use of renewable resources and other low-emission technologies for energy generation purposes while preserving the economic, safe and continuous supply objectives.


Maintain and intensify the efficient use of energy in mining operations, sharing the progress and improvements made and innovations implemented.


Disseminate the contributions made to mitigation by the mining activity by producing metals that allow electric power to be efficiently used and transmitted.


Continue to include the need to adapt to climate change in the design and operation of mine sites.


Endorse the implementation of climate change adaptation measures in the communities located around the operations, as part of the creation of shared-value and relationship processes.


Continue to actively participate in the different public and private initiatives seeking for measures to mitigate, adapt and strengthen the climate change-related capacities, consistent with the above-mentioned principles.